Donna Jo Margaret "DJ" Tanner is the 18-Year Old Daughter of Pam and Danny Tanner, the Eldest Step-Daughter of Vicky Larson-Tanner, and the Sister of Stephanie, DJ, Michelle and Patrick Tanner.

Biography Edit

  • Full Name: Donna Jo Margaret "DJ" Tanner
  • Current Age: 18 Years Old
  • Birth: February 9th, 1977
  • Birth Parent(s): Pam Tanner (Mother; Deceased) Danny Tanner (Father)
  • Sister(s): Michelle Tanner (Younger) Stephanie Tanner (Younger)
  • Brother(s): Patrick Tanner (Younger)
  • School: Fraizer Street Elementary School (1982-1988) Van Atta Junior High School (1989-1991) Bayview High School (1992-1995) Harvard University (1996-1999)

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