Note: Seasons 1-8 are the original Episodes.

Season 1: 1987-1988Edit

  1. Our Very First Show  (Season/Series Premere)
  2. Our Very First Night
  3. The First Day of School
  4. The Return of Grandma
  5. Sea Cruise
  6. Daddy's Home
  7. Knock Yourself Out
  8. Jesse's Girl
  9. The Miracle of Thanksgiving
  10. Joey's Place
  11. The Big Three-O
  12. Our Very First Promo
  13. Sisterly Love
  14. Half a Love Story
  15. A Pox in Our House
  16. But Seriously, Folks
  17. Danny's Very First Date
  18. Just One of the Guys
  19. The Seven Month Itch (Part One)
  20. The Seven Month Itch (Part Two)
  21. Mad Money
  22. DJ Tanner's Day Off  (Season Finale)

Season 2: 1988-1989Edit

  1. Cutting it Close  (Season Premere)
  2. Tanner vs Gibbler
  3. It's Not My Job
  4. DJ's Very First Horse
  5. Jingle Hell
  6. Beach Boy Bingo
  7. Joey Gets Tough
  8. Triple Date
  9. Our Very First Christmas Show
  10. Middle Age Crazy
  11. A Little Romance
  12. Fogged In
  13. Working Mothers
  14. Little Shop of Sweaters
  15. Pal Joey
  16. Baby Love
  17. El Problema Grande de DJ
  18. Goodbye, Mr. Bear
  19. Blast from the Past
  20. I'm There for You, Babe
  21. Luck Be a Lady (Part One)
  22. Luck Be a Lady (Part Two)  (Season Finale)

Season 3: 1989-1990Edit

  1. Tanner's Island  (Season Premere)
  2. Back to School Blues
  3. Breaking Up is Hard to Do (In 22 Minutes)
  4. Nerd for a Day
  5. Granny Tanny
  6. Star Search
  7. And They Call It Puppy Love
  8. Divorce Court
  9. Dr. Dare Rides Again
  10. The Greatest Birthday On Earth
  11. Aftershocks
  12. Joey and Stacey and....Oh Yeah, Jesse
  13. No More Mr. Dumb Guy
  14. Misadventures in Babysitting
  15. Lust in the Dust
  16. Bye Bye Birdie
  17. 13 Candles
  18. Mr. Egghead
  19. Those Better Not Be the Days
  20. Honey, I Broke the House
  21. Just Say No Way
  22. Three Men and Another Baby
  23. Fraternity Reunion
  24. Our Very First Telethon  (Season Finale)

Season 4: 1990-1991Edit

  1. Greek Week  (Season Premere)
  2. Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor
  3. The I.Q. Man
  4. Slumber Party
  5. Good News, Bad News
  6. A Pinch for a Pinch
  7. Viva Las Joey
  8. Shape Up
  9. One Last Kiss
  10. Terror in Tanner Town
  11. Secret Admirer
  12. Danny in Charge
  13. Happy New Year
  14. Working Girl
  15. Ol' Brown Eyes
  16. Stephanie Gets Framed
  17. A Fish Called Martin
  18. The Wedding (Part One)
  19. The Wedding (Part Two)
  20. Fuller House
  21. The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
  22. Stephanie Plays the Field
  23. Joey Goes Hollywood
  24. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  25. The Graduates
  26. Rock the Cradle  (Season Finale)

Season 5: 1991-1992Edit

  1. Double Trouble  (Season Premere)
  2. Matchmaker Michelle
  3. Take my Sister, Please
  4. Oh Where, Oh Where, Has my Little Girl Gone?
  5. The King and I
  6. The Legend of Ranger Joe
  7. The Volunteer
  8. Gotta Dance
  9. Happy Birthday, Babies (Part One)
  10. Happy Birthday, Babies (Part Two)
  11. Nicky and/or Alexander
  12. Bachelor of the Month
  13. Easy Rider
  14. Sisters in Crime
  15. Play it Again, Jesse
  16. Crushed
  17. Spellbound
  18. Too Much Monkey Business
  19. The Devil Made Me Do It
  20. Driving Miss DJ
  21. Yours, Mine and Ours
  22. The Trouble with Danny
  23. Five's a Crowd
  24. Girls will be Boys
  25. Captain Video (Part One)
  26. Captain Video (Part Two)  (Season Finale)

Season 6: 1992-1993Edit

  1. Come Fly with Me  (Season Premere)
  2. The Long Goodbye
  3. Road to Tokyo
  4. Radio Days
  5. Lovers and Other Tanners
  6. Educating Jesse
  7. Trouble in Twin Town
  8. The Play's the Thing
  9. Nice Guys Finish First
  10. I'm Not DJ
  11. Designing Mothers
  12. A Very Tanner Christmas
  13. The Dating Game
  14. Birthday Blues
  15. Be True to Your Preschool
  16. The Heartbreak Kid
  17. Silence is Not Golden
  18. Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur
  19. Subterranean Graduation Blues
  20. Grand Gift Auto
  21. Room for One More?
  22. Prom Night
  23. The House Meets the Mouse (Part One)
  24. The House Meets the Mouse (Part Two)  (Season Finale)

Season 7: 1993-1994Edit

  1. It was a Dark and Stormy Night  (Season Premere)
  2. The Apartment
  3. Wrong-Way Tanner
  4. Tough Love
  5. Fast Friends
  6. Smash Club: The Next Generation
  7. High Anxiety
  8. Another Opening, Another No Show
  9. The Day of the Rhino
  10. The Prying Game
  11. The Bicycle Theif
  12. Support Your Local Parents
  13. The Perfect Couple
  14. Is It True About Stephanie?
  15. The Test
  16. Joey's Funny Valentine
  17. The Last Dance
  18. Kissing Cousins
  19. Love on the Rocks
  20. Michella a la Carte
  21. Be Your Own Best Friend
  22. A Date with Faith
  23. Too Little Richard, Too Late
  24. A House Divided  (Season Finale)

Season 8: 1994-1995Edit

  1. Comet's Excellent Adventure  (Season Premere)
  2. Breaking Away
  3. Making Out is Hard To Do
  4. I've Got a Secret
  5. To Joey, with Love
  6. You Pet It, You Bought It
  7. On the Road Again
  8. Claire and Present Danger
  9. Stephanie's Wild Ride
  10. Under the Influence
  11. Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  12. DJ's Choice
  13. The Producer
  14. Super Bowl Fun Day
  15. My Left and Right Foot
  16. Air Jesse
  17. Dateless in San Francisco
  18. We Got the Beat
  19. Taking the Plunge
  20. Up on the Roof
  21. Leap of Faith
  22. All Stood Up
  23. Michelle Rides Again (Part One)  
  24. Michelle Rides Again (Part Two)  (Season Finale)

Season 9: 1995-1996 (FANMADE)Edit

  1. The Gibbler Sisters: Kimmy Introduces DJ to her three Sisters.
  2. Gotta Dance: Generation 2: When Michelle Takes up Dancing, Stephanie becomes Worried.
  3. Stephanie's First Boyfriend: Stephanie's Newest Romance, Charles, becomes a Threat to Danny.
  4. Bad Girl Michelle--Part 1: Michelle's New Friend creates a Bad Version of Michelle. Meanwhile, DJ and Stephanie work on a Junior High vs College Project.
  5. Bad Girl Michelle--Part 2: Denise and Lisa try to Snap Michelle out of her Bad girl Phase.
  6. Harvard Dreams: DJ Goes of to her 1st Day of Harvard-Where she meets her troubled Roommate.
  7. The 4th Grade Blues: The 3 Sisters Struggle with Back to School--Michelle in 4th, Stephanie in 7th, and DJ a Freshmen at College.
  8. Sister-Napped: Michelle is Kidnapped by Stavros, Jesse's Rude Greek Cousin, and it's up to Stephanie to Save her!
  9. Another Baby: Nicky and Alex Ask Becky and Jesse for a Baby Brother or Sister.

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